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Judy Hoffman has had more than 35 years of experience in the fields of crisis public relations and crisis communications. For 16 years she was the Manager of Public Affairs and spokesperson for a chemical manufacturing company that made one of the smelliest chemicals known to man.  She left that company in 1995 in order to found her own crisis communications consulting firm. The core of her business revolved around conducting media training workshops for the management teams of various companies around the country. She was committed to doing whatever she could to help companies respond well when they were faced with incidents that brought negative media attention and angry/upset/concerned people to their doors.

Encouraged by her clients to put her lessons in writing, in 2001 she published her book, “Keeping Cool on the Hot Seat: Dealing Effectively with the Media in Times of Crisis.”  Past clients use it as a desk reference; many have reached for it when something bad has happened to them. Some companies have admitted to using it instead of hiring someone to conduct a media training workshop.  More than a dozen colleges have used it as a textbook for classes in crisis communications, strategic communications, journalism, public relations, emergency management, and public health.  Professors have been complimentary that, while it is not a theoretical treatise of the topic of crisis communications, it is a practical and easily understood guide for spokespersons or corporate managers.

Having retired from the workshop business in 2015, Judy is now concentrating on getting the 5th edition (2011) of the book into the hands of more organization leaders and college/university students so that they are better prepared to lead their organizations through a crisis. Click here to preview and purchase Keeping Cool on the Hot Seat on Amazon.

Professors interested in considering the book as a part of their curriculum or to be added to a suggested reading list should contact Judy at professors @ to arrange for a complimentary review copy. (Read testimonials from professors who have used the book as a text or supplemental reading.)